Featured Artist: Mary Sayre

As a member of the Ocean Artists Society and an artist for Ocean Geographic Society, Mary Sayre’s passion for aquatic life is evident. Painting oceanic wildlife as early as ten years old, Mary creates illustrative paintings with oil on canvas and, most uniquely, acrylic on marble. Her selection of marble as the foundation to her work stems from an interest in the color and texture that marble provides to add depth to her paintings. 

Green Turtle on Coral Reef by Mary Sayre

Mary Sayre studied Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. She proceeded to live on the island of Port Aransas, TX to study reefs, fish, and participate in dive exploration and sailing to completely embrace her passion and inspire her paintings. Mary combines “fascinations with art, scuba diving and marine ecosystems” to raise awareness on the environmental protection of aquatic life. 

Sunset Serenade by Mary Sayre
Clownfish Indonesia by Mary Sayre
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