Featured Artist: Neela Ahmed

Neela Ahmed recently graduated from Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. She graduated with a bachelor degree in communications as well as a degree in digital art. Neela used our fine art printing services as she was developing her BFA solo exhibition “Colored Landscapes.”

The inspiration behind the exhibition was the landscape of her home. Each illustration suggested a certain time of day, similar to Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series. Her intention was to present one continuous day exploring time of day through color. Neela was heavily influenced by Thomas Danthony, whose illustrations use color and shadows to suggest form. She was also influenced by WPA style posters.

Acording Neela, “My favorite part of my design process is scouting. I work from photographs, so going out hiking and exploring the outdoors is fun to get the perfect photo to use for my designs. I mainly work with Adobe Illustrator, but will use Adobe Photoshop on occasion. I use the photograph to create the lines and shapes in the program, and find that using exaggerated color makes for a more interesting composition.”

Balanced Rock

“Balanced Rock is an illustration that comes from a trip to Big Bend National Park I took in the summer of 2019. I’ve always loved hiking and great views, and when I hiked to this spot it was my first time visiting it. I was in awe at the beauty of nature’s formations.”

Kokernot Field

“Kokernot is a semi-pro baseball stadium in Alpine, Texas. It has been called the ”Yankee Stadium of Texas.” It hosts the Alpine Cowboys semi-pro team, as well as Sul Ross’ Lobo baseball team. The venue has a rich history, and has a special place in my heart as one of Alpine’s best views.”

You can find Neela Ahmed’s artwork for sale here. And you can follow her instagram and facebook pages to keep updated on her work!


Featured Artist: Rachel Oakley

A Dangerous Feeling

Rachel Oakley is an acrylic painter based in Michigan. Her work is bright and vivid, allowing colors and shapes to create motion and emotion. With duo bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and Marketing from Oakland University, she is skilled in painting, photography, and journalism.  

Rachel paints with intention of “celebrating the color of existence.” She sees the world in a pixelated, technicolor way, due to the condition known as Visual Snow Syndrome. She uses this as a strength in the color application and pointillist techniques she employs in her paintings. She explores ways in which to see the world differently, yet also creates realistic renderings with conceptual backgrounds.  

Reality Tunnel
The Fountain of Love

Rachel’s vibrant personality and optimism toward life are reflected in her artwork. Her interest in math is noted when her paintings contain multiple lines and shapes that divide the realities featured in her imagery. Rachel is dedicated to creating visually stimulating paintings that “elicit joy and wonder in nature, geometry, and mathematics”.


Featured Artist: Mary Sayre

As a member of the Ocean Artists Society and an artist for Ocean Geographic Society, Mary Sayre’s passion for aquatic life is evident. Painting oceanic wildlife as early as ten years old, Mary creates illustrative paintings with oil on canvas and, most uniquely, acrylic on marble. Her selection of marble as the foundation to her work stems from an interest in the color and texture that marble provides to add depth to her paintings. 

Green Turtle on Coral Reef by Mary Sayre

Mary Sayre studied Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. She proceeded to live on the island of Port Aransas, TX to study reefs, fish, and participate in dive exploration and sailing to completely embrace her passion and inspire her paintings. Mary combines “fascinations with art, scuba diving and marine ecosystems” to raise awareness on the environmental protection of aquatic life. 

Sunset Serenade by Mary Sayre
Clownfish Indonesia by Mary Sayre

Featured Artist: Mary-Catheryn Baker

Scarlet by Mary-Catheryn Baker

Mary-Catheryn is the founder of Copper Corners Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She creates her work with a focus on how art can influence a home. Coming from a background of artists in her family, she began painting with the intention to enhance her own home with artwork that she felt a connection to. Her paintings consist of bold brushstrokes and bright colors that evoke emotion or meaning to the viewer. One could say the positive energy of these paintings reflects her own personality! The subjects of her work are primarily animals, as she shares a strong connection to nature from her upbringing in South America. 

Peace of the Brave by Mary-Catheryn Baker

Here is what Mary-Catheryn says of her own work:

“I paint the cows that roamed our sidewalks, blocking our car in the garage and making me late to school. I paint the moody pigs that napped under our neighbor’s mango trees. I paint the chickens that slept at night, snuggled in the trees. Each painting that I create is vibrant, colorful, textured, and intricately layered. Countless hours are dedicated to crafting each piece of art. I strive to portray a balance of realism combined with loose abstraction, causing one to compliment the other. My goal is for people to feel a connection with my paintings in a meaningful and unique way.”

Show Off by Mary-Catheryn Baker

Featured Artist: Eana Agopian




Eana Agoean is an artist, printmaker based in Southwest Michigan. She studied art education and fine art photography at Western Michigan University’s Gwen Frostic School of Art, followed by a seven year stint organizing art, music and food related events in and around Kalamazoo, Michigan’s vibrant cultural scene. In May of 2016 she graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with an MFA in Printmaking. Her thesis exhibition, Occultation earned the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art’s Fresh Pick Award for 2016, and her work will be on exhibit there through August 6, 2017.





Eana says of her work:

The process of creating this artwork embraces the progressive nature of transformation.  Inspired by the transformational aspects of the creative process, this work draws upon themes of alchemy, psychology, and various modes of sensual perception to explore realms of the unknown, as well as magical and mysterious spaces.  Allowing the materials and processes to guide the creation, a great depth of insight into the unseen aspects of the mind can be revealed, as if creating a new philosophy; illustrating visually that which cannot be explained through written language or science.  Embracing the unknown from the initial stages, process and intuition to guide the work.  Building layer upon layer, each one is distinct, and a reaction to the previous stage.  Mysteries are not solved by the final work; in many ways the work asks the viewer to question similar notions in their own psyche.  To create this type of work is to embrace the natural power of metamorphosis, the distinct stages along the way, and the acceptance that outcomes are not always known.





Eana’s prints are available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/eanapple



Featured Artist: Michael Montgomery


Michael Montgomery is a photographic artist from Yuba City, California. His work is influenced by the Post-Impressionist Art he studied in college. Here’s how he describes the process he uses to create his compelling and ethereal landscapes and portraits:

I begin by taking numerous photographs and studying what I have captured. I look closely at the form and composition and begin to manipulate the work into a semblance of balance and slowly merge the photographs together. When I am satisfied, I then begin the brushwork and blend and form the photograph away from its beginnings and towards the art I bring to it. “Work at the same time on sky, water, branches, ground, keeping everything going on an equal basis… Don’t be afraid of putting on color… Paint generously and unhesitatingly, for it is best not to lose the first impression. (Camille Pissarro (1830–1903))”

You can see more of Michael’s work at urbanunearthed.com









Featured Artist: Jessy Poole


Jessy Poole first learned of Grand River Giclee through our advertisement on artfairinsiders.com. She says, “After ordering prints from other companies to compare quality, I chose Grand River Giclee.  They had the best prices for the pigment based printing that I was searching for.”

Jessy turned to us to make several sets of her ABC bird series. It’s always an honor to be a creative partner with another artist, but it was particularly rewarding to be involved in the production of an entire series. I was reminded of the John James Audubon’s seminal work “Birds of America.”


Unlike Audubon, Jessy Poole’s examination of the natural world is portrayed in her paintings as a combination of abstraction and realism. Her paintings are layered, which allows her to achieve complex color schemes as well as include hidden imagery and texture. Her works are created using acrylic, watercolor, and alcohol based pigment.

You can connect with Jessy on Facebook and see more of her work on her website.C_jessypoole


Advanced Image Processing Service


Matt Thomas prudently ordered a reference print of his photograph of Elk in early morning light before ordering the large canvas he was interested in. Based on this first print, he asked us to make adjustments–particularly to lighten the shadowed area on the right side of the image. This required a bit more than the overall adjustments to color balance, contrast, and tonal range that is included in our basic image processing service–though that was our starting point.

Once we had made these overall adjustments to Matt’s image, we thought the shadowed area was still too dark. So we created an additional adjustment layer to lighten the shadows further and then used a gradient mask so that the adjustment would only impact the shadowed area.

Once these adjustments were made we realized that a blue smudge that had been hidden in the darker image was now quite prominent. This was probably a lens flare caused by the intense morning light. We selected that area and then used Photoshop’s content aware fill command to create a realistic patch over the flare. A bit of extra work with the healing brush finished the fix.

Here are the original image and the image after our adjustments revealed the smudge:

Matt Thomas's original image.

Matt Thomas’s original image.




The adjusted image with a blue smudge

The adjusted image with a blue smudge (above elk in river)